Black Belt Excellence - Honesty

This month's Black Belt Excellence theme is Honesty.  Here is a recap of everything we've talked about to the kids about what being honest means and how important it is to use everywhere they go!



10 Core Reasons Why Parents Enroll Their Child in Martial Arts

Physical Fitness.  Physical fitness has always been a core benefit of martial arts.  In a study, parents expressed an appreciation of general fitness and healthy, but several expressed an appreciation for the way that martial arts helps enhance fitness in a unique way - flexibility.  

Parents expressed value in the development of flexibility, something they believe is neglected by other sports.  Parents perceive flexibility as a valuable physical benefit that contributes to increase ability in other sports and activities like soccer, football, and dance.

Consequently, parents see martial arts as part of a holistic program to augment other physical activities and increase performance in other environments.


Self-Discipline.  Parents find self-discipline an exceptional value of martial arts training.  In addition to having the discipline to work hard at physical training, parents also value the personal restraint to handle and de-escalate conflicts verbally without physical confrontation.  Parents said that self-discipline allows their children to refrain from using their martial arts inappropriately.

Another value of self-discipline sought by parents is practical application of restraint.  Parents want to know their children can use this skill to remain within the bounds of acceptable societal (nonviolent) behavior.  Parents also feel that with martial arts training, children are better able to navigate the no-tolerance policies enacted at many academic schools.  


Self-Defense.  Self-Defense is a primary skill that many students look for when pursuing martial arts classes.  Parents are looking for an activity that improves physical fitness and agility.  However, they also want their children to gain the skill, confidence, and spirit to handle themselves during altercations or times of need.


Media Influence.  Films, television, and media influence also proved strong influences on purchase decisions for parents.  Many parents cited their child’s desire to emulate martial arts stars like Power Rangers and TMNT as a strong enticement.  The nature of many martial arts shows offer wholesome messages and portrays martial arts training as a strong tool for character development.  Parents see these as healthy role models and good examples for children to follow.


Bullying Prevention.  Another element is bullying.  It’s a serious program that can greatly harm a child’s self-esteem and future.  The effects of bullying can be extreme, resulting in physical injury, self-harm, or even death.  Even though this social program has seen dramatic increases in public awareness, the issues has yet to be abolished.  Many schools offer anti-bullying programs to assist students, and interviewed parents expressed appreciation for these offerings.

However, parents maintained concern over what role they play in alleviating the ouse of bullying.  In particular, parents are concerned about identifying when bullying is taking place.  


Alternative to Team Sports.  Parents expressed alternative to team sports as a strong decision motivator.  Many children have negative experiences with team sports.  Some children sit on the bench and don’t receive much play time.  Others don’t receive much attention from coaches.

The pressure to practice or compete can be too much for some children, making them not want to participate.  Parents relayed stories of children refusing to go to practice.  Others discussed negative competition experiences as reasons they turned to martial arts lessons as an outlet for extracurricular activities.

Alternatively, some parents cited value in the opportunity for individual achievement.  One parent noted that with martial arts, their child can succeed or fail based on their own efforts and merit.  They consider the reliance on other members of the team to be a hindrance and negative experience.


Ease of Participation.  Ease of participation is another new reason for parents selecting martial arts.  Participation in a competition cheer squad or soccer team can be an exceptionally demanding commitment.  Practices are at very specific times, there are severe penalties for missing practice, and there is no flexibility for game times.  These challenges and demands on time can make team memberships and participation difficult, even for children who enjoy and excel in team sports.


Affordability.  Cost is a factor in all purchases, but a newly identified one of martial arts lessons.  Parents expressed how expensive after-school activities are becoming.  One parent stated that participating in the school band cost upward of $3,000 per year with heavy travel commitments.  Another spent $3,500 and over 200 volunteer hours to support his daughter’s swim team participationThese parents find the more modest monthly tuition for martial arts training very compelling. 

One of the most important items uncovered about parent decision motivators for martial arts is the trial class or trial period.  It’s an extension of the cost-benefit rationale, in that parents feel it provides them with a no-strings attached opportunity to see how classes work and how their children react to training. 


Goal-Setting & Attainment.  Parents value the process of goal-setting and attainment inherent in martial arts training.  Parents appreciate the belt testing cycle that comes with rank progression in the martial arts.  Parents observed that setting short achievable goals and then being measured on performance was meaningful. 

The belt-testing process teaches children how to approach long-term goals and divide the work into incremental tasks and work diligently to success.  Moreover, periodic belt-testing is motivating for students.  Children feel like they are always progressing, which helps keep them invested and interested in martial arts.


Convenience.  Last, convenience proves a strong decision motivator for parents.  Today’s world is fast-paced, and children have tremendous amount of academic school and non-school activities.  Meeting all their obligations is difficult for parents to manage, especially in homes with multiple children or a single parent.

In this demanding context, parents find the flexible nature of martial arts participating compelling.  The open-ended nature of attending class a few nights a week with flexible class days and options makes martial arts a more feasible activity than some others.  One parent moved all three of her children into martial arts to reduce the weekly activity churn she was experiencing in trying to take three children to three different activities.


If you’d like your child to experience in one of the most convenient and life changing activities, take advantage of our 6 Weeks for $69.  Only 2 weeks left to take advantage of this special, so give us a call today!



Try a Summer Workout...that Works!

It's not secret. The key to losing weight is a simple math problem. 

Energy In - Energy Out = Weight Gain/Weight Loss

Did you know Martial Arts is known for its high energy output? 

High-Caloric Burn - Most martial arts offer intense workouts. A 130 lb. person boxing for an hour can burn 531 calories. Fencing will burn 354 calories, while karate, judo, kickboxing and tae kwon do all burn around 590 calories. Compare these with 413 calories for an hour of moderate work on the rowing machine or on the stationary bike, or 236 calories for a session of yoga. In addition to burning calories, most martial arts training helps develop functional strength and endurance, getting you used to moving your own body.

If you want to look the way you truly have always wanted this summer be sure to not waist any of your time. Eat the best foods that are going to maximize your workouts and make sure you chose an exercise program that will maximize you energy output. 

Not that we condone violence. Quite the opposite actually, but if push comes to shove you will be able to drop a jerk if you need to. 

Can your over priced local personal trainer provide you that comforting ability?

All joking aside. Contact us about our Summer Training Specials before you wake up and another summer has passed and your disappointed once again. 

Dedicated to your goals,

Premier Martial Arts Raynham
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Keeping your Child Safe!

Tips for Preventing Your Child From Being Abducted

About 2,100 missing-children reports are filed each day in the U.S. Many cases might be solved more easily if parents can provide a few key pieces of information about their kids, like: height, weight, eye color, and a clear recent photo. And make sure your kids have the safety information that could help prevent an abduction.

These strategies may help:

-Make sure custody documents are in order.

-Have ID-like photos taken of your kids every 6 months and have them fingerprinted. Many local police departments sponsor fingerprinting programs.

-Keep your kids' medical and dental records up to date.

-Make online safety a priority. The Internet is a great tool, but it's also a place for predators to stalk kids. Be aware of your kids' Internet activities and chat room "friends," and remind them never to give out personal information. Avoid posting identifying information or photos of your kids online.

-Set boundaries about the places your kids go. Supervise them in places like malls, movie theaters, parks, public bathrooms, or while fundraising door to door.

-Never leave kids alone in a car or stroller, even for a minute.

-Choose caregivers — babysitters, childcare providers, and nannies — carefully and check their references. If you've arranged for someone to pick up your kids from school or day care, discuss the arrangements beforehand with your kids and with the school or childcare center.

-Avoid dressing your kids in clothing with their names on it — children tend to trust adults who know their names.

If Your Child Is Abducted

Because the first few hours are the most critical in missing-child cases, it's important to provide officials with information about your child immediately.

If your child has been abducted, contact local law enforcement right away. They'll ask you for a recent picture of your child and will probably ask you many questions about the time and location you last saw your child and what your child was wearing.

You may also request that your child be entered into National Crime and Information Center (NCIC). Other clearinghouses such as the Child Protection Education of America ([866] USA-CHILD) and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children ([800] 843-5678) can offer information and support during your search.

After notifying the authorities, try to stay calm. You'll be able to remember details about your child's disappearance more easily if you remain rational and logical.

As parents ourselves and working with so many children we hope that none of us ever have to experience such a horrific event. Education is key for not only our children but us as parents as well. 

Our martial arts classes teach life lessons such as abduction awareness daily. If you think your child could benefit from an environment like ours feel free to contact us to learn more about our trial program, schedule and pricing. 

Making our community safer one person at a time, 

Premier Martial Arts
Raynham MA



Commit to Self-Defense in 2016!

In Today’s Times We All Need Modern World Self Protection

Premier Martial Arts incorporates a combination of techniques found in four effective disciplines: Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Submission Grappling and Kali to provide students with a realistic personal protection system for a modern world.

Krav Maga (“contact combat”) is an eclectic hand-to-hand combat system developed in Israel that involves striking techniques, wrestling and grappling, mostly known for its extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks, and is taught to regular and special forces in Israel.

Knowing that self protection and fighting are totally different situations, our Kickboxing curriculum teaches our students techniques used in all ranges of realistic stand up fighting while getting them in the best shape of their lives.

Submission Grappling teaches our students how to defend ourselves in the event that we are taken to the ground in an altercation.

Through learning throws, joint locks, and submission holds students will be better able to defend themselves while standing up in close range or in the event they are on the ground.

In modern world self protection, the need for weapon defense and weapons training is a reality. Whether confronted with an attacker wielding a knife or stick, or teaching our student how to properly defend themselves with these weapons, the art of Kali gives the Premier Martial Arts student the knowledge needed to survive.

By combining these realistic and effective systems of the martial arts a student will be better able to defend themselves in any situation they may conceivably find themselves. Where most systems of martial arts focus mainly on one area of techniques, our mixed martial arts approach allows us to train a well rounded student of self protection.

If you would like to learn more about Premier Martial Arts, please visit our website to find the location nearest you.

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Commit to Focus in 2016!

Does Your Child Need Help Focusing and Concentrating?

Does your child have trouble concentrating on his home work? Do you find your child with a dreamy expression on his face when he is supposed to be studying? Children are beginning to explore the world around them. They are learning to think and analyze the cause and effect. Things that may seem mundane to the adult eye are new and wonderful for children. Therefore, they tend to be distracted by the things and happenings around them. However, there are many things you can do to help your child to attain a better concentration levels. One great way is children’s martial arts and karate classes.

• Set a routine. Set aside a specific time for waking up, having breakfast, and going to school, playtime, study time and dinner. Once your child establishes a routine, he will find it easier to concentrate on his work because he knows that this is the time you have allotted for work and nothing else.

• Make sure that the room in which your child sits down to study and do his homework, is one where there is no distraction. Let him read aloud if he feels it will help him from becoming distracted.

• Don’t let younger siblings, especially infants play near the room where your school going child studies. Their cries and infant babble may be a big distraction for your child.

• Look up the topic which your child is working on and capture his interest by sharing interesting and informative facts with him.

• Make dull topics interesting by playing quizzes and memory games.

• If your child feels sleepy or hungry, he may not be able to concentrate well so make sure he is not hungry or tired.

• Sometimes children tend to lose interest in a particular subject when they fail at it. Encourage your child to persevere. For this, you must show him that you have full confidence in his abilities and that you will help him in any way you can.

• If your child needs extra help, offer to help him out or arrange for tuition. Once he begins to understand and master the subject, he will begin to concentrate on his work.

• It is a good idea to let your child study along with his peers who are good academic performers. By doing this, your child can pick up tips and ideas from his friends.

• Be patient when you deal with your child. Yelling at him or scolding him when your find him distracted will only serve to make him frustrated.

• Let your child take short breaks while studying. This will help your child to refresh his mind and memory. Let him take a 10 minute break after 1 or 2 hours of studying.

There are several activities which can help to improve your child’s concentration.

Here are a few:
– Board games and card games demand concentration, and engaging in them will improve your child’s concentration levels.
– Read a story to your child and ask him questions related to it. This will help sharpen his memory too.
– Ask your child about his day. This way, he will make an attempt to recall the events and actions of his day and this in turn will help improve his memory and concentration.
– Count numbers or their multiples and skip one or two in between. Ask your child to find the missing number.
– Strange as it sounds, tongue twisters also help improve concentration. Your child has to listen with great attention to decipher the tongue twister you say. This will teach him to concentrate.

And finally Children’s Martial Arts and Karate Classes. Many health care professional now recommend children’s martial arts and karate classes to help kids improve their focus and concentration. For great children’s martial arts and karate classes find the Premier Martial Arts school near you.

New Years Special! 

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Commit to Fitness in 2016

Is Fitness is Your Goal!

No matter if you are five or sixty five…., Strength, Conditioning, and Flexibility are all benefits that a student can expect to receive with Premier Martial Arts Training.

Every muscle group is strengthened and defined with the exercises, movements, technique, and training drills that are incorporated into our curriculum. Your endurance and stamina will peak as we increase your cardiovascular conditioning. All these physical benefits for your body will be felt in your daily life and activities, increasing your energy and confidence. Our Success Formula is Focus + Discipline = Success!

Most any exercise gets some results when performed and most any self-defense is better than none. The problem is that most fitness programs fail to offer the excitement and interest to keep the participant consistent in their training, therefore setting them up for failure in their results. The successful fitness results of Premier Martial Arts are supported by personal development. Our students receive coaching in focus, goal setting, self-discipline and confidence which helps to keep them on track. It is like having your own personal trainer and success coach all in one.

The best thing of all is that students receive incredible benefits in physical fitness and personal development while receiving the empowerment that comes through the self-defense training that will be invaluable as they learn the skills needed to protect themselves and their family.

What are YOU waiting for?  Getting started IS Easy!

Physical and Mental Empowerment is only one decision away! You don’t have to be in shape and there is no prior experience necessary.

New Years Special! 

Commit to Fitness 2016! Tired of the same old workout routines? Martial Arts training can burn up to 800 calories an hour, increases your total body strength and flexibility, all while you learn to defend yourself and your family! Get started NOW with Premier Martial Arts New Years Special…Two Private Lessons for Only $27 and includes a FREE pair of boxing gloves while supplies last! Call 508-828-9797 TODAY to Schedule Your First Lesson. Simply Mention Code PMA2016!



Commit to Confidence for Your Child in 2016


  1. Good Finding. Our instructors are taught to be “Good Finders”. They are constantly looking for opportunities to praise and complement our students. Instead of always pointing out what a student is doing wrong, we are always trying to point out what they do right! This approach to teaching motivates the children though continuous positive energy.
  2. We Give A’s First. Our Instructors “Always Give an A First”. Our instructors at Premier Martial Arts understand that by complimenting children for their efforts, not just results, no matter how minor, motivates a student to try that much harder. Trying harder brings the child even better results and those results will develop true confidence. Then the cycle repeats.
  3. Belt Ranking. Premier Martial Arts has a unique way of setting goals and showing the progression of those goals, and that is though our Belt Ranking system. A beginning student starts as a white belt and moves though goals of different color belt ranks as they meet different physical, mental and curriculum requirements. This goal setting/learning and rewarding/goal accomplishment system rewards children for their efforts and progress and developments a strong foundation of confidence and continue to grow and grow.
  4. Self Defense. Children develop confidence at Premier Martial Arts though our self-defense instruction. In is no secret that children that have a sense of well-being and security are confident and happy. Self-defense training is part of every class a child takes at Premier Martial Arts.
  5. Fitness. With the childhood obesity rates skyrocketing in the U.S. It has never been more important that children learn and develop positive habits of nutrition and fitness. Beside health concerns for a child’s future, it is important to understand that a negative self-image is the main “killer of confidence.” Sadly our society continues to put more and more emphasis on how a person looks on the outside than what kind of person they are on the inside. How a child thinks about themselves is directly related to how they feel about themselves. If they think they are overweight and un- attractive, then this attitude will likely result in decreasing their confidence and self-worth. At Premier Martial Arts, we teach our children valuable life lasting lessons on nutrient and fitness. Through our training we develop happy, healthy, confident, successful children!

New Years Special!

Commit to Your Child’s Confidence in 2016! It has long been know that martial arts training develops confidence in children. Now your child can receive confidence training with Premier Martial Arts New Years Special, Two Private Lessons for Only $27 and includes a FREE Uniform while supplies last! Call 508-828-9797 TODAY to Schedule Your First Lesson. Simply Mention Code PMA2016!



3 Reasons Why Your Child Should Take Martial Arts

Top 3 Reasons Why Any Child Should Take Martial Arts Lessons

1.  They will be more active!

One of the most obvious reasons to get your child into Martial Arts is to keep them active throughout the week.  With all the health issues going on in today's time, children need physical activity.  Unfortunately with budget cuts around the country, a lot of schools no longer have a PE program for grade school students.  What better way to keep your child healthy and active then Martial Arts training!

2.  They'll learn to take hits!

Through your child's Martial Arts training, they'll learn what it means to take a hit.  Whether it's a literal blow or just the disappointment of getting a bad grade, they'll learn the right steps in dealing with whatever situation.  Part of growing up is learning that we all take hits through life. 

3.  They will gain self-confidence and self-respect!

We want kids to learn to be confident in themselves and turn into leaders as they grow up.  Martial Arts training teaches children how to believe in themselves and how to show respect not only to others, but to themselves.



Reflecting Back on Summer Events

Over the summer we had some awesome events and met some really awesome people.  One of the biggest events we were a part of over the summer was the Family Fun Festival in Middleboro.  Our very own Cross Kick student Kendra Pittsley is a 29 year old brain cancer patient put on this benefit event for cancer research.  We were fortunate enough to have our staff and demo team there to support Kendra.  

Click the following link to see more pictures from the Family Fun Festival